This was an awesome, eye-opening presentation! High energy, positive and engaging. Loved all the activities that I can take back to my classroom.
— Laura Wilson, 7th Grade ELA Teacher
Connie Hamilton will push you to find solutions to seemingly irrelevant mandated standards, while supporting you through the process. She has challenged and mentored me to become a more effective teacher.
— Justin Birckbichler, 4th Grade Teacher

We are undergoing a sudden shift in our interactions with others. People are moving from disconnected, detached collisions and contacts to much more connected, relational influences and networks. Connie Hamilton fully understands the importance of being creative/innovative in sharing her voice when working collaboratively in shaping and molding our organizational environments. Her thoughtful, caring, presence touches all of us.
— Meredith Johnson, Principal
Connie Hamilton is willing to listen as you describe areas where you would like to grow, whether personally or as a school or district, and then uses her own experiences to provide resources and strategies to help make that growth happen. She is intelligent and resourceful, and has impacted our district as we continue to grow our Twitter chat and online collaboration as a staff.
— Leah O'Donnell, Literacy Coach
Good balance of discussion, lecture, questioning, responses, and group work.
— Chris VanAntwerp, PE Teacher

The info was great, but was also presented in an engaging way. I was not bored like some PD. We learned all day long.
— Teacher
If you want ‘sit and get’ professional development, Connie’s sessions are not for you. Her ability to engage you in the learning process is dynamic. You will go home energized with specific, effective strategies that empower learning.
— Steve Denniston, Technology Integration Specialist
This training helped me reflect on my current questioning practices and how I can tweak my wording to make them more effective.
— Jamie Atherton, HS Teacher/Mentor